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Aragorn was born in Tortola, in the British Virgin Islands in 1966.

A European education sympathetic to his creative urge, introduced him to many artistic techniques such as pottery, print making, design and metal work. He complimented his studies with a degree in Art History, specializing in Tribal and Twentieth century art, architecture and design.

Travels through out the Caribbean, Europe, Russia, the Balkans, Nepal, Papua New Guinea, Australia, Southern Africa , Morocco ,North, South and Central America have inspired and stimulated his belief in the magic of art as a unifying human force. Aragorn enjoys working in all mediums, but chooses to sculpt in metal for its permanence. Polished or patina metals, cut out silhouetted shapes and the use of light or fire, all give form to Aragorn’s relaxed flowing design style. His most recent works are large out door “fire sculpture”. Spheres, pyramids or cubes that come to life with fire.

Aragorn’s art work has been exhibited in London,( St Martins in the Fields and Smiths gallery, Covent garden) New York, (Cast Iron gallery ,Soho) St Barths,(Bank of Baghdad) Antigua W.I. (Harmony Hall) and Tortola ,BVI. His work is regularly commissioned by private collectors and public institution His other projects include the Gli Gli Carib Canoe project, which built a large traditional Carib canoe and sailed it from Dominica to Guyana in 1997. The BBC recorded the journey in the film “Quest of the Carib Canoe” He is currently working on a new film that focuses on the recent Gli Gli Leeward Island Expedition and the current social conditions in the Carib territory of Dominica. See

He is also co founder of the Caribbean Artisan Network. See

Aragorn’s abundant creative energy is embodied in his studio, pottery and local art centre situated at the heart of Trellis Bay Village, BVI. His dedication to the cultural arts are blossoming in a centre where his own works are displayed in amongst the works of the top artisans of the Caribbean and where craft skills are taught to all comers.

His busy life is blessed by the company of Federica, his wonderful Italian wife and mother of their two boys Ceiba and Zanti.

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Aragorns joy for life has been enhanced by his marriage to Italian born Federica and the arrivalof their two sons Zanti and Ceiba.