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All his life Aragorn has had a strong connection with the country people of Tortola and a passion for what is grown locally. Being an active farmer himself Aragorn works with a network of local farmers who bring their produce to the "Fruit Depot". Aside from adding to the cultural flavor of the studio, the fruit depot was conceived as a way to connect our visitors to what is genuinely grown in the islands. One of the downsides of visiting the BVI is the difficulty of getting locally grown fruits and vegetables, most of the provisions in the supermarkets are coming from the corporate supply system...eating these in the Caribbean devalues your experience of our country.

If you want to experience our local, organic, home grown island produce stop by and see what's at the Fruit Depot.

Grapefruit Oranges Tangerines Limes, Mangoes Bananas, Pineapples Passiofruit Soursops, Sugar Apples Avocados and Tomatoes You'll get some or all of these depending on the season.

A new venture of Aragorn's Island Produce line, and one that you can take home or order On-Line is a selection of Island Spices, Seasonings and Teas. As so many of the artisans connected to the Art Centre come from agricultural communities throughout the region, we have accessed a steady supply of high quality spices. Delivered to you in Aragorn's distinctive packaging, you'll find Cinnamon Sticks, Nutmeg and Mace, Island Coffee, Salt Island Salt, Cassava Cereal, Arrowroot and Island Chocolate....and soon to come a delicious range of herbal bush teas.

Fruit and vegetables available at Aragorn's Studio
from our own "Good Moon Farm"

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