Local Arts Centre

Our new studio is designed to be used for a broad range of Arts and Craft activities. From Pottery, Painting, Basketry, Papier mache, Wood carving to Metal work. Our aim has been to set up an open studio space for practicing artisans to work or give lessons and workshops to all comers ,as well as to have a platform for demonstrations and exhibitions.

Our newly expanded studio has been designed as a multi function open art studio available to members and non-members who are looking for a creative environment to practice their craft or to learn new ones.

Unlimited Usage per Month

Studio Membership:
$175.00 per month
$875.00 six months
$I750.00 one year

We are offering membership to up to twelve artisans who already have a serious interest in creative craft and would like space and facilities to develop their talents.

Studio members have free access to:

-All ceramic equipments (2 potters wheels, clays, glazes and kilns)

-Wood, calabash and coconut carving tools (mallets, chisels and rasps)

-Painting materials (acrylic and silk paints, paper and brushes)

-Basket making tools

-Art reference library. (Books and video)

-Communal kitchen

-Selling space for members work will be provided for a 25% studio commission

A 20% discount on all lessons and workshops is offered to studio members.

Day Membership: $45.00 (6 hours)

For artisans interested in using the space on an occasional basis, or for visitors who want to be creative on vacation. Day members will be allowed access to all equipment, providing that they have had prior experience in the craft they are choosing to pursue and that there is space available. We strongly recommend that you take a lesson in your chosen craft before attempting to try it on your own.

Kiln Rates:
Raw clay is provided by the studio free of charge. The studio will recycle unfired clay after one month.

Fired clay is charged for according to its end weight and the percentage of kiln space used to fire it. This averages around $15 per glazed and fired pound.

Material rates:
Raw materials for basketry, wood and calabash carving, silk painting etc. are available to purchase through the studio.

Materials for the lessons are included in the lesson rate.

Lesson Rates:
Pottery Introduction $65/2hr lesson
Wheel Introduction $75/2hr lesson
Advanced Wheel $85/2hr lesson
Carib Basketry $65/2hr lesson
Woodcarving $65/2hr lesson
Calabash or Coconut Craft $65/2hr lesson
Silk painting $65/2hr lesson

We also offer evening classes..Call for Special Rates (284) 495-1849

Calabash Carving

Pottery Lessons

Wooden Mask Carving

Selling Space in the Shop